🤔 Wiser! #97: What Happened In Tech This Week

🐦 Wiser! #97: Elon The Twit | Meta’s Woes | Hot Or Not | Hennessy’s Web3 Café | Interpol’s Metaverse

  • Meta’s woes continue as the pivot to the Metaverse continues to drag the Facebook business down,
  • Interpol have joined the Metaverse with a virtual reality environment for law enforcement training (a bit like Accenture are doing for staff onboarding),
  • Global brandy brand Hennessy has launched an exclusive Web3 social club with limited entry via NFTs,
  • Remember Hot or Not? It’s got a lot to answer for!
  • Apple have clarified their rules on NFT purchases on Apple devices. It’s not gone down so well!

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Meta’s Woes Continue

  • The firm is down 75% from its all time high valuation of $1.08 trillion a year ago when it was the 5th largest company in America. Today, Meta Facebook doesn’t even make the Top 20. It’s value is around $263 billion, less than Home Depot!
  • The virtual reality division lost $3.7 billion in the last quarter, beating the previous quarter’s loss of (only) $2.8 billion. And it’s going to get worse!
  • Revenue from virtual reality was only $285 million in the quarter, missing analysts expectations by over $120 million. Worse still, revenue was down $180 million from the previous quarter.

Apple’s new policy for NFTs is a “tax on crypto”

  • The key line is this: “Apps may allow users to view their own NFTs, provided that NFT ownership does not unlock features or functionality with the app.”

The Bird Is Freed!

Do You Remember HotOrNot.com?

  • Pargin tweeted: “I have a theory that an old 2000-era website accidentally destroyed the world, and I’m dead serious about it. Facebook and YouTube both began as straight-up copies of this site, both looking to take advantage of a phenomenon that breaks the human brain: HotOrNot.com”

Brand Strategies for the Metaverse

Apple’s Strategic Advance Into Ads

Interpol Enters The Metaverse

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