🕶 Wiser! Newsletter #89: Big Brands & NFTs| Twitter v Elon| Zuckerberg Talks To Rogan

  • Plus, I look at the latest twist in the Elon / Twitter soap opera. And give my two-penneth on the 3-hour podcast chat between Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Rogan.
  • As usual, there are all the top headlines and stories of interest to keep you better informed.

Dolce & Gabbana Book $23m Of NFT Sales In 1st Year

Scarcity & Status: Dolce & Gabbana dropped its first NFT last year in collaboration with luxury digital marketplace UNXD. It was called “Collezione Genesi,” and comprised a nine-piece physical and digital collection of fashion items that generated $6 million in sales at the time.

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Elon Musk Is Not Giving Up On Giving Up On Twitter

Series 1, Episode #47: The latest episode of the Elon Musk Twitter Soap Opera was broadcast earlier this week. On Monday, Elon Musk’s lawyers wrote to Twitter citing “an additional notice of termination.”


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📰 Newsletter of the Week: All-In Write-Up

Weekly write-up over the All-In Podcast, in which industry veterans cover all things economic, tech, political and social. The focus of the latest post is Adam Neumann, the controversial entrepreneur behind WeWork and a $350 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz for his latest venture. Read it here…

What Did We Learn From The Zuck Talking To The Rogan?

Misinformation Abound: Last week, the boss of Meta Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. went on The Joe Rogan Show. The result is a fascinating podcast discussion between a man familiar with spreading misinformation on social media and a man familiar with spreading misinformation on social media.

“It’s almost like everyday you wake up and you’re punched in the stomach”, Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most powerful men in the world.

Metaverse: This is a long podcast (almost 3hrs), with a lot of focus on the Zuck’s pivot for Facebook to the Metaverse.

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech

In the latest episode of Big Tech Little Tech, co-host Shaun and I discuss Amazon One. It’s the latest use of biometrics linked to a credit card payment system. With the wave of your hand, you’ve paid for your groceries!

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Tech News

  • Facebook is to shut down its game streaming mobile app after just 2 years. Basically, it couldn’t compete. Probably because the game-playing demographic of young people don’t touch Facebook with a bargepole!
  • Donald Trump’s social media echo chamber, the Truth Social app, has not been approved for the Google PlayStore because it has “insufficient content moderation”. Trump, who was banned by Twitter after the Jan 6th insurrection, has about 4 million followers on Truth Social, compared to around 88 million when his Twitter soap box was removed.
  • El Salvador are to invest over $200 million in infrastructure for Bitcoin Beach, which President Bukele wants to develop into a crypto tourist hotspot .
  • Having screwed the ad business model for Facebook, Pinterest, Snap et al, it seems that Apple is going to pushing out more ads to your iPhone and apps like Maps, Books and Music. Apple’s ad revenue is currently (only) c$4 billion.
  • Talking of Apple, their next big show and tell is next week on September 7th. It’s an event that Shaun and I will be reviewing on the next episode of Big Tech Little Tech. Don’t miss out, follow us here.

“Just another crybaby hiding behind his lawyer’s skirt.” Dan O’Dowd talking about Elon Musk

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