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In This Issue:

Is Musk just an attention seeker hiding under a halo or a maverick genius who knows how to change the world? Who knows and, frankly, over the past few months I’ve stopped caring a few times.

But, like any great soap opera, the Twitter Affair keeps pulling me back. More on Elon, Trump and Twitter in this week’s Wiser!


  • I bet you thought you had privacy with your iPhone? (or, maybe not as much as you thought!)
  • What’s the fuss about Hive, another ad free alternative to Twitter?
  • Nike has yet another web3 play for the Metaverse,
  • The fallout from FTX continues. But is it right to call this the end of crypto?
  • I speak with Paul Armstrong on the future of emerging technology,
  • Amazon and Walmart launch home delivery with drones, as Amazon signal the end of Alexa,

As always, there are dozens of links, headlines and stuff to keep you informed and up to date on what’s happening and what’s coming next in tech.

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