🤔 Wiser! #98: What’s Goin’ On In Tech?

🍟 Wiser! #98: TikTok Eats BigTech | Bitcoin Day | Gen Z in the Metaverse | Decentralised Insurance

This week’s featured news…

The second drop went live this week in the A to Z of Brand Strategies for Web3 and the Metaverse collection. The real-life use cases for brands named from A to H are now listed in the online collection.

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TikTok is eating BigTech’s lunch

Big Tech stocks have endured a terrible 2022. One important cause has been the shift in digital ad spending. For the better part of a decade, Facebook and Google have dominated and controlled this market. But no more.

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What does Bitcoin, Halloween and my daughter have in common?

👉 October 31st

Sceptical about Bitcoin?

There are still many sceptics of Bitcoin. Just as there were many sceptics of the Internet a decade earlier in 1998. If you’re not convinced that there’s utility in Bitcoin, watch this.

From A to Z: Brand Strategies for Web3 and the Metaverse

The collection of consumer brand use cases in NFTs, blockchain, virtual reality and crypto is live and freely available to all Wiser! Premium subscribers.

Roblox report on Gen Z in the Metaverse

Roblox released a report this week that shines a light on the attitudes of Gen Z towards the Metaverse.

  • It’s also the gaming platform that dominates in the under 16 demographic. Roblox has round 50 million daily active users, with roughly half of them 13 or under.
  • Dressing their avatars allows consumers to express their individuality (47%) and feel good about themselves (43%), but also to show off their digital collection and feel more connected to peers — in both the digital and physical worlds
  • Nearly 3 in 4 Gen Z say that they spend money online to buy digital fashion,
  • 70% of Gen Z said their avatars dress at least somewhat like their IRL style, with equally as many (70%) saying they also get physical style inspiration from dressing their avatars.

What Does It All Mean?

🤔 It means that this generation (and remember, the first of the Gen A generation hits 13 next year) are at ease with living, playing, spending in the Metaverse.

Further Reading:

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech Ep #12

The big story for the latest episode was healthcare. Shaun had read an article on the use of sensors, smartphones and wearable tech to improve our health.

Further Reading:

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech Ep #12

The big story for the latest episode was healthcare. Shaun had read an article on the use of sensors, smartphones and wearable tech to improve our health.

📽️ Wiser! On YouTube

This week’s YouTube explainer is about decentralised insurance. It’s a brand on decentralised finance that has played second fiddle to the higher profile banking and lending use cases.

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Interesting Headlines

Interesting Numbers

53%: More than half of millennials surveyed say they eat at restaurants they’ve seen on TikTok. These are the findings of an MGHus survey in the US.

Websites you might not know about

I’m always on the look out for new and obscure websites. Especially sites that are entertaining or give me productivity tools. So, this week, I thought I’d share a few of the more light-hearted and entertaining ones.

- My 90’s TV!

This is a TV simulator showing shows, music videos, ads, and trailers from the 1990’s. https://my90stv.com

- McBroken

This is not a joke. This website tracks which McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken worldwide. https://mcbroken.com

- Drive & Listen

Listen to local radio stations while virtually driving through cities around the world. Strangely addictive. https://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com

- Caffeine Informer

Do you love coffee (as much as I do)? This site lets you discover the caffeine amounts for over 4,000 items. Surprisingly informative. https://caffeineinformer.com

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