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Your brain needs a jet pack 🚀

In The Knowledge, writer and startup operator David Elikwu shares tools and frameworks from psychology, philosophy, productivity, and business to help you think deeper and work smarter.

California Passes Bill To Protect Children Online.

Safeguards: The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act is intended to safeguard young people online.

Further Reading

Can Peloton’s Rowing Machine Save The Sinking Ship?

It’s finally here! After much hype and a ton of teasers, Peloton have unveiled the “Row”, their new, premium priced $3,195 rowing machine (and don’t forget the $44/month subscription charge!).

  • Peloton is drowning in inventory it can’t sell. It is sitting on over $1 billion worth of inventory whilst demand for its bikes and treadmills has collapsed. Peloton’s hardware revenue declined by 55% year over year in the fourth quarter to $295 million.
  • The company is losing money hand over fist! The net loss for the last full year was a staggering $2.8 billion on $3.6 billion of revenue. With the collapse in demand for new bikes and treadmills, which drives the subscription numbers, Peloton’s numbers will almost certainly get worse before they get better.

What Exactly Is Peloton’s Strategy?

When CEO Barry McCarthy took over at the start of 2022, he set his sights on eventually having 100 million paying members. There are currently less than 3 million paying members and numbers are declining.

US Treasury Asks for Public Input to Shape Crypto Regulations

The US Treasury has invited public opinion on how digital assets are being used in crime and what the government can do about it.

  • Not to mention the systemic implications of getting it wrong, as is the case in the definition of a “security”. (The SEC claim that all of Ethereum is under its jurisdiction due to the location of validators, in a court case stemming from a 2018 incident.)

Further Reading

From Adidas to Zara: Brand Strategy For The Metaverse

On Wednesday 28th September, Premium Subscribers to Wiser! will have access to, IMHO, the most comprehensive collection of big brand projects in the Metaverse.


Is TikTok A Weapon For The CCP?

Influence: TikTok commands the time and attention of the most influenceable demographic in society (young people). It also happens to be a Chinese tech company.

👻 Turn Your Audience Into A Business

Ghost is a powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content. It comes with modern tools to build a website, publish content, send newsletters & offer paid subscriptions to members. It’s a million times better than the so-called newsletters on LinkedIn.

🐦 Typefully is a Must-Have for Twitter Creators

Typefully is used by 45,000+ creators to grow their audience on Twitter.

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