😸 Wiser! #88: TikTok Search | Twitter Woes | Insta Copycat | Roasted Zuck | Along’s Never Ending Videos

Welcome to the 88th issue of the Wiser! Newsletter

Twitter Whistleblower Gives Elon Musk False Hope

Insider: A Twitter whistleblower has made some embarrassing allegations this week. He’s known as Mudge, a renowned cyber security expert, the former Head of Security at Twitter and was one of the most senior execs at the firm.

  • Security on the social media platform is shite (remember the 2019 hacking of the twitter accounts of the rich and famous?),
  • Twitter doesn’t know how much spam is on the platform, and has chosen not to find out (a gift to Team Musk as they try to get out of buying Twitter),
  • It’s vulnerable to foreign exploitation and may even have spies on its payroll (apparently the US Gov told Twitter as much!).

Mark Zuckerberg Takes The Metaverse To France and Spain, And Gets Whacked On Social Media!

Ouch: The Zuck is having a torrid time on social media. Last week, the Meta Facebook boss got roasted by BlenderBot3, his own AI chatbot for the Metaverse.

“It’s almost like every day you wake up and you’re punched in the stomach.”

This is what Mark Zuckerberg just told Joe Rogan on this nearly 3 hour podcast.

Further Reading

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech Episode #7

In the latest episode of the Big Tech Little Tech podcast, co-host Shaun and I discuss the Amazon One payment system that uses your palm signature to authenticate transactions.

Scarcity and Status: The Secret Sauce Driving NFTart

#6873: This Pudgy Penguin has just sold for 400 ETH (that’s over $600,000 in fiat money). I know, it sounds crazy. It does to me to.

  • Or the $2.3 million paid for the Treskilling Yellow Stamp (the most expansive postage stamp in the world)?

First Facebook, Now TikTok Has Its Sights Set On Google

Hungry? TikTok has eaten Facebook’s lunch, now it wants a bite of Google’s!

Instagram To Launch New Feature To Kill Off BeReal

Authentic: Last week, I wrote an Insights piece for Premium subscribers. It was about BeReal, the Number 1 downloaded photo-sharing app with around 10 million Daily Active Users, up from just 10 thousand less than 18 months ago.

Amazon’s Bumper Spending Spree on Corporate Acquisitions

Buy, Buy, Buy: Amazon are on track to spend at least $20 billion this year on buying up businesses. That’s roughly 10 times how much it spent on corporate acquisitions in each of the last 3 years!

  • iRobot, maker of the Roomba home robot vacuum cleaner for $1.7 billion, and
  • MGM Studios for $8.6 billion.

Related News

  • Peloton has announced an agreement to sell its products on Amazon. This is the first time Peloton will sell through a 3rd party and opens up an already interested market previously closed to it. Amazon report that there are around 500,000 searches for Peloton on its marketplace every week!). The stock popped 20% on the news, which is seen as a possible first step toward Amazon buying the entire company.

Debate Over Tornado Cash Sanctions Continue…

It’s Just Code: Remember last week I wrote about Tornado Case, the computer code that anonymises financial transaction in the crypto space?

The Social Media App That Makes Never Ending Videos

Flywheel Effect: Social media networks rely on collaboration and engagement to grow. It’s called the flywheel effect, namely, the more people that use the network, the more people it attracts to use the network and so it goes, on and on.



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