🍺 Wiser! #81: Budweiser in the Metaverse | Clubhouse Over? | Elon’s Bot Problem | Crypto Bull or Bear?

  • Budweiser partnering with Zed Run, a blockchain game in the Metaverse
  • Bitcoin bear analysis from Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy
  • Elon’s latest moves in the pursuit of Twitter as he keeps us all guessing about where the heck this will end up!

What Happened To Clubhouse?

Short-Lived: Eighteen months ago, Clubhouse was the Next Big Thing, kicking off a rush to own the social audio space.

Budweiser’s Move In The Metaverse

Back Story: This story caught my eye this week. It was that Budweiser, the global beer brand has partnered with a blockchain game called Zed Run.

  • Zed Run is a vision of the future potential for decentralised, blockchain-based, crypto-fuelled, NFT-owning Web3 video games that appeal to a generation that want more than simply entertainment. (Did I get all the jargon into that last sentence ok?…nope, I forgot status and community.)

Crypto Carnage? Or Just A Spring Clean?

Disclaimer: I’m a bull when it comes to Bitcoin, so I’m always looking for the upside stories.

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech — Ep #3

In this episode, Shaun and I talk about the addictive nature of TikTok, including China’s approach to curbing BigTech and platforms like TikTok, the news of Sheryl Sandberg’s departure from Facebook, and home help robots as Dyson announces its intention to build the UK’s largest robotics research centre.

Will he, won’t he? Elon keeps us guessing on Twitter

“Didn’t see this coming.” Said nobody ever!

Some Numbers

11.2 million VR headsets were shipped globally in 2021. That is up 92% YoY, according to IDC, who forecast global shipments to be 50 million by 2025.

Some Stories

AI used to recreate Val Kilmer’s voice in Top Gun: Maverick

Actor Val Kilmer suffered irreparable damage to his voice after being diagnosed with throat cancer and undergoing a tracheotomy in 2014. Now, for the new Top Gun movie, scientists helped Kilmer reprise his role as Iceman by using AI to craft a computer-generated replica of the actor’s voice that could read his lines.

Dutch police have created a deepfake video of a murdered 13 year-old boy

In hope of generating new leads on this 20 year old case, Dutch police have used deepfake technology to virtually bring to life a teenager almost two decades after his murder. Sedar Soares was shot dead in 2003 while throwing snowballs with friends in the parking lot of a Rotterdam metro station in this unsolved murder.

Chick-fil-A testing autonomous food delivery in Austin

Two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Texas are to test self-driving vehicles for making food deliveries. The tech comes from a firm called RefractionAI. They have a robot-as-a-service platform that includes self-driving technology, tele-operations and a delivery robot that uses the bicycle lane for delivery. Rumours are that the robot delivery will also spoon feed you.

MetaFacebook scale back AR glasses

Meta Platforms has scaled back its plans to release a series of augmented reality glasses over the next several years as part of an effort to trim heavy investments it is making in its Reality Labs hardware and AR/VR division, employees were notified Wednesday.

Apple’s Annual Developer Conference 2022

Apple just held its annual developer’s conference. Last week I speculated that Apple would be announcing Apple Glasses, its AR/MR/VR headset thing. But they didn’t. ( I feel such a fool!) In the end, it was pretty routine stuff, with little of note, except that Apple is launching its own Buy Now Pay Later service in Apple Pay. There are more questions than answers and no doubt the regulators are going to be looking hard at Apple’s monopoly position. The promise of free money with BNPL is fraught with issues and I’ll say more in the coming weeks.

How Harmful Is Social Media?

Regular readers of Wiser! know I subscribe to the view that (net/net) it’s bad for society. It’s just an opinion because studies offer surprisingly few easy answers. This article in the New Yorker tries to get to the bottom of it. Worth a read.

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I help decision-makers and professionals make better decisions. Using simple and engaging language, I make sense of what’s happening in emerging tech.

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Rick Huckstep

Rick Huckstep


I help decision-makers and professionals make better decisions. Using simple and engaging language, I make sense of what’s happening in emerging tech.