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Revolutionising Industries: Real-Life Examples of AI Transformation

Given the amount of attention and focus there is on generative AI, it’s a wonder that homo sapiens have managed to get this far without it. But like all good things that sound too good to be true, they generally are and this AI is no different. That’s not to say that what we’ve seen over the past three months following the public launch of ChatGPT isn’t exciting, disruptive, and scary, all at the same time. It is. The point is that behind the headlines and the hype, there’s a transformative technology that’s still got a way to go.

That goes for ChatGPT too.

As OpenAI admits, ChatGPT should be used with caution. It’s great at what it does but it’s only as good as the data that’s fed into it (which, by the way, does not go beyond 2021.) Also bear in mind that ChatGPT has no common sense, moral compass, or instinct to smell a con or a huckster.

But the question that intrigued me this week, as OpenAI announced it was launching a paid service for ChatGPT (which means OpenAI can no longer hide behind the “it’s only in beta mode” defence when ChatGPT results in anything harmful), is how good ChatGPT is at doing what I do.

So, I put ChatGPT to the test, with a little help from NotionAI, and let the AI write an entire full length article. It’s a ten minute read and was 99.47% written by AI (I made a few minor tweaks and wrote the clarification section to be absolutely clear that this was AI generated.)

🤖 I gave ChatGPT ten industries and asked it to write me a 2,500 word article with three use cases and three real life examples for each industry of how AI will revolutionise those industries. I asked the AI to write a start, middle and end in an “interesting and informative style”. The AI even wrote the article title.

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1. Google has a chatbot to rival ChatGPT and it’s called LaMDA

Did you know that the “T” in GPT stands for “transformer”? It’s the technology invented by Google’s AI division DeepMind, and now used by OpenAI. The point is that Alphabet/Google know a thing or two about AI. But because everyone’s talking about ChatGPT. Why’s that? Continue reading…

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2. Is Amazon about to venture into NFTs?

According to a scoop in Blockworks, Amazon is planning to launch a “digital assets enterprise,” aka an NFT initiative, this spring. Blockworks reported an anonymous source who said Amazon’s focus will centre on blockchain-based gaming that rewards players with NFTs. Here’s The Thing: This makes total sense given the huge interest in gaming amongst millennials, Gen Z and the coming of age Gen A’s. Continue reading…

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3. Have you ditched Twitter for Mastodon yet?

Mastodon has established momentum and it seems to be gaining pace. I’ve struggled to get hooked on the Twitter rival, but that hasn’t stopped 3rd party apps like Buffer adding a scheduling capability and the Tweetbot team building a new Mastodon client called Ivory. Of course, all of this move to Mastodon is helped significantly by Musk’s continued self-destruction. Continue reading…

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4. Yves Saint Laurent launch a “phygital” Web3 campaign

YSL have launched a new web3 campaign to celebrate the launch of the Black Opium perfume. The campaign combines both physical and digital assets, aka “phyigital.” Anyone buying the new fragrance via YSL’s online store in will be gifted an NFT, which unlock a gift voucher, exclusive content, or the private sale of a second Web3 activation. Continue reading…


5. The chaos of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

I got my weekly fix of Elon Musk’s Twitter soap opera from some excellent reporting from Casey Newton, Alex Heath and Zoey Schiffer in The Verge and New York Magazine. The publications worked together on a superb long feature on the behind-the-scenes chaos of the man-child’s takeover of Twitter. It’s fascinating reading.

Here’s The Thing: Wiser! readers will remember last week’s feature I wrote about Musk’s unannounced and silent shutting down of the 3rd party app ecosystem, a key foundation for Twitter’s success. There’s an interesting insight into in The Verge article relevant to this particular story. Continue reading…

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6. DoNotPay’s CEO won’t go to jail over his AI experiment

Remember Joshua Browder? He’s the CEO of DoNotPay, the AI-powered legal services startup created to help people get out of parking tickets. Shaun and I talked about them during the latest Big Tech Little Tech because he wanted to use a robot lawyer to help a client fight a ticket in court. To no surprise to anybody, Browder has dropped the plan to appear in court after being threatened with jail time. As we say on the podcast, “it’s a stunt.”


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7. Porsche’s journey to reach the next generation of buyers

Porsche has announced a multi-year partnership with Esports giant FaZe Clan.

Ok, so what? Well, here’s the thing: as I keep pointing out, major consumer brands are going where the kids are playing. They’re finding innovative ways to engage with the next generation of buyers. This deal with FaZe includes merchandising, digital goods and NFTS, and various eSports initiatives in the Web3 space. The partnership allows Porsche to “tap into the intersection of gaming and youth culture.” Don’t say I never told you!

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8. Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends 2023

Only 10% of marketers believe the Metaverse is irrelevant to their industry, according to Deloitte. Marketers are taking varied approaches to the Metaverse, with some jumping onto existing platforms and others investing in building their own ones. Interestingly, blockchain technology emerged as another area of focus, with 41% of marketers planning to use the technology to support their advertising strategies in 2023. Read all the fun facts, stats and anlysis in Deloitte’s 2023 Global Marketing Trends report.

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9. Apple rumoured to be making it easier to develop Augmented Reality apps

A key to driving hardware sales is the quality and volume of the software that runs on it. Which is why Apple is reportedly working on making it really easy to develop apps for its new Mixed Reality headset. Here’s The Thing: Apple always puts user experience at the centre of approach to designing its products. Apple have made it a differentiator that others have tried, and failed, to copy. So, we shouldn’t be surprised at this rumour, that is assuming that Apple actually go ahead with the long awaited Glasses.

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10. NVIDIA use AI to make you look like you’re looking into the camera

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🔮 Brand Strategies in Web3, Metaverse and Emerging Technologies

The latest brand strategy updates to the Brand Strategy Collection include:

  • Netflix: NFTs and the Metaverse
  • Netgear: Building technology for web3
  • Nike: The CTO of one of the biggest consumer brands in web3 gets hacked
  • Nissan: Emerging technologies and the Metaverse for customer engagement
  • NYX: The L’Oréala brand builds a presence on Roblox
  • Outback Steakhouse: NFTs for customer engagement
  • Origyn: blockchain certification technology use NFTs to authenticate an owner’s luxury watch and eliminate counterfeiting.
  • ORC Zoo: Orangutan artwork as NFTs
  • Overpriced: Physical and virtual merchandising
  • Olympics: from tickets to artwork to raising awareness of political opposition
  • Pizza Hut: the world’s first NFT pizza
  • Papa John’s: the great NFT pizza bag givaway
  • Pacsun: the youth clothing brand’s strategy for NFTs, the metaverse and virtual and augmented reality
  • P&G: the dedicated web3 development lab is called Lifelab

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