🤔 Wiser! #100: Apple v Epic | FTX Fallout | Elon’s Lost It | Timex In The Metaverse | Generative AI | Mastodon

🥂 Wiser! Newsletter #100: Apple v Epic | FTX Fallout | Elon’s Lost It | Timex In The Metaverse | AI Art | Mastodon

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In this Medium Edition of Wiser!, you’ll find this week’s featured stories are:

  • Round 2 of the Epic Games v Apple court case over the App Store has started. What does it mean for the internet economy?
  • The fallout from FTX continues. Most narrative focuses on the end for crypto. I say they’re all wrong!
  • The Twitter debacle continues. Is Elon Musk losing it before our very eyes?
  • Watch maker Timex is the latest consumer brand to market to the next generation of buyers in the metaverse.
  • The European Union is moving every closer towards a ban on facial recognition. So what?
  • And Mastodon. The decentralised social media platform that’s picking up all those leaving Twitter (including me.)

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