Top 10 Predictions for the Tech Economy in 2023

Looking at the clues of what’s happening today, I take a stab at second guessing what’s going to happen tomorrow. Here are my top 10 predictions for the tech economy in the year ahead.

  1. 2023 will be a pivotal year for AI and its role in the future of humanity
  2. NFTs will endure and mature as a means for consumer brands to build customer engagement
  3. The gap between Bitcoin and the rest of crypto will become a chasm
  4. Adoption of DeFi will continue to grow amongst the world’s unbanked
  5. TikTok won’t be banned in the US but the anti-China rhetoric will continue
  6. 2023 will see an accelerated move towards a “splinternet”
  7. Musk will exit Twitter empty handed
  8. In a post-Twitter world, Social Media will become fragmented and factionalised
  9. Meta will pivot from virtual to augmented reality
  10. Space is getting closer as investment increases and the missions go further.

Let me explain why…

1. 2023 will be a pivotal year for AI and its role in the future of humanity

Wiser! Prediction: AI discussion will become mainstream in 2023. The dispute will escalate as even better AI systems are released (GPT4 is due soon).

As content creation volumes jump through 2023, the ownership and accreditation of source material will be disputed. The decline of creative economies like photography, journalism, and copywriting, which have been supplanted by robots, will intensify this discussion.

Generative AI will threaten some business models, such as Google Search, which is suddenly appearing outdated because to GPT3’s capacity to answer search questions. Who wants a list of links to research when ChatGPT will write a particular answer to a specific inquiry. (Gen Z also prefers TikTok to Google as a search engine.)

In 2023, AI will become a topic of conversational at the dinner table, with policy makers and with business leaders, all trying to figure out how to respond and react to the huge opportunities and challenges that have just been unleashed.



Rick Huckstep - Making Sense Of Tech

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