State of Crypto, Social Media Censorship and TikTok Addiction Growing

Wiser! Newsletter #78: Bitcoin is down 60% in 6 months and the sceptics are out. But what really is the state of the crypto economy. Plus; new research shows the extent that US adults believe social media censors political POVs. And TikTok addiction keeps on growing!

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This week I’m covering:

  • the state of the crypto economy and what that means for Bitcoin;
  • 77% of US adults believe social media censor political posts (they’re wrong, they don’t);
  • What we know about Facebook’s content moderation;
  • TikTok 🕺🏻 usage has increased 3 fold in the last 4 years in the battle for the attention economy;
  • Twitter is in disarray;
  • Google’s ad business under threat to be broken up;
  • Apple’s mixed reality headset takes a step closer.

PLUS….Episode #2 of the Big Tech Little Tech podcast talks crypto, facial recognition, AI in the classroom and the end of the iPod.


77% of Americans Believe Social Media Intentionally Censors Political Viewpoints

Back story: Pew Research has published new research that finds large majorities of Americans believe that the social media networks censor posts based on the political viewpoints they express.

The research found that roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now think “ it is very or somewhat likely that social media sites intentionally censor political viewpoints they find objectionable “.

The research shows that the belief that social media engages in political censorship spans both sides of the political fence. The key difference is that those on the right believe it more than those on the left.

Around nine-in-ten Republicans



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