Speed Write Linkedin Posts Using the Genei AI Writing Tool

An easy way to produce Linkedin Posts using Genei’s AI GPT3 writing tool.

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How to Use the Genei AI Writing Tool

You’ve read a great article online and want to share it with your network on Linkedin. You don’t want to spend half an hour rewriting a post, nor do you want to just share the link with a “read this” at the top.

What do you do?

Use Genei to auto write a summary for you.

Genei uses AI to read the page and then write a short summary. The AI picks out salient points and crafts a short, to the point summary that is perfect for a Linkedin post. It also means that you avoid getting ignored by the Linkedin algorithms, which happens when you (just) use the Share buttons included on every page.

I use the Genei extension in the Brave browser. It’s a simple process.

1️⃣ Install the Genei extension into your browser
2️⃣ Click the extension button on every page you want to summarise
3️⃣ Login using your account or Google sign-in (if you’re not already logged in)
4️⃣ Cut and paste the text into a New Post on Linkedin (edit the text if you want to tweak it)
5️⃣ Write your CTA, add hashtags or copy in any @mentions, then hit Post
6️⃣ Final step is to add the link to the source article in the 1st comment. I use Bitly to create a short link. This means that I can see every time one clicks on the link in my post (you can’t get that from Linkedin)

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