Duet AI Signals Google’s Intent To Dominate AI

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Google’s Move To Dominate AI

Google is celebrating its 25th year in the tech industry, and it has come a long way since it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Back then, it was only a search engine, and it lived for its first few months in the garage of Susan Wojcicki — the future boss of YouTube. With time, Google has diversified into pretty much every area of tech and dominates some of them.

However, Google is now trying to position itself at the forefront of advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence. Nonetheless, some people are of the opinion that Google has fallen behind in the AI race. A leaked memo from a Google engineer found its way onto the net, in which he said the firm had no AI “secret sauce” and was not in a position to win the race.

Despite this, Google announced 25 new AI-driven products at the IO developers conference in May and owns leading UK-based AI firm DeepMind, whose AI program AlphaFold has the potential to supercharge the discovery of new medications. In addition, Google has a not-so-secret AI weapon in its cloud business.

Cloud companies offer access to huge networks of computers and processing power that would be logistically difficult for most companies to own or house by themselves. It makes total sense that Google is positioning itself to be at the centre of the AI revolution with its Google Cloud business, given the huge demand from businesses large and small to update infrastructure and storage ready to whirr through huge generative AI workloads.

Google Cloud is the cloud computing division of Google. It’s a $35 billion business with a marketshare of around 10% of a global cloud computing sector dominated by Amazon Web Services. By comparison, AWS revenues in 2022 were $80 billion.

However, despite Amazon’s market leadership and over two times bigger business, Google has stolen a march on AWS when it comes to AI. Amazon have been slow, almost absent from the AI gold rush whilst Google has matched Microsoft when it comes to rolling out new AI features and services almost weekly.

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